Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Deed to Death

By D.B. Henson

Realtor Toni Matthews does not believe her fiancée, Scott, killed himself at his construction site. The police won't listen, Scott's brother is contesting the will, and Toni soon finds herself in mortal danger when she starts discovering clues that point in a different direction than suicide.
Who killed Scott and who's trying to kill her? The brother? Scott's supposed girlfriend? A construction worker who disappeared after Scott died? Scott's partner? Toni must use her intelligence to stay one step ahead, even to the point of playing dead. It was too late for her fiancée and the damaging information he discovered and left for her. Who can Tony trust before she finds it's too late for her?

This is not something totally new, but fresh enough to enjoy. There's enough suspense and clues to keep the reader guessing

Toni Matthews – Realtor. Estranged from her mother. Has a lot of friends in the business and with her husbands construction firm. Is feeling on top of the world and looking forward to a happy life until her husband dies.

Brian Chadwick – Scott's brother. Reporter. Kept his distance from Scott after high school graduation because of a sister's death. Thinks Toni is only after Scott's money. Doesn't mind a bit of B&E and 'bug' work to keep track of Toni's movements.

Mark – Lawyer. In love with Toni and only wants the best for her. He hopes maybe Toni will come to love him now that Scott's dead.

Clint Shore – Scott's partner. He was the behind-the-scenes man while Scott was the promoter.

Jill Shore – Clint's wife. Part of friendly foursome with Scott, Clint, and Toni.

Fairly defined characters. The author provides enough insight into each to keep them interesting. There are good supporting characters and mystery aficionados will recognize at least one of them is guilty.

Straightforward, nothing complex, nothing exciting or deep.

Fairly clean. Some profanity, but nothing extreme. Short chapters, tight scenes. Mildly intense action. This reader didn't think the book was a 'page-turner' or a 'non-stop action, can't put it down till the end' story, but a well written mystery with enough red herrings to keep you guessing.

My ranking:

Green Belt

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