Monday, July 25, 2011

East on Sunset

By Ken Mercer

Will Magowan, after being fired from the LAPD for substance abuse, only wants to enjoy his new job in security at Dodgers stadium. He wants to try to provide some comfort and prosperity for his pregnant wife. However, Erik Crandall, an ex con addicted to steroids, is out of prison looking for retribution. Crandall accuses Magowan of stealing drugs back at the time of his arrest and wants the money he could have earned by selling the product. It’s a battle of wits and strength as Magowan struggles against apathetic cops and a reluctant informant as he struggles to save his family while unearthing dirty secrets from his past.

A bland title and a standard story about a disgraced ex-cop trying to put his life together up against an ex-con with a grudge. There’s nothing real unique and a fan of police thrillers will be able to deduce the bad guys in about five seconds.

Will Macgowan: 42, trying to get back to living. Regrets the past mistakes and willing to move on.

Erik Crandall: Ex con who bulked up through the use of steroids. However, the drugs are causing headaches and uncontrolled rages.

There’s the pregnant wife who gave Will another chance but now is unsure if everything is going to work out with the new baby coming along. There’s the ex partner who dies. There’s the ex confidential informant who reluctantly gives a bit of assistance to Will. And of course, there are the cops who can’t, don’t, or won’t help.

Standard characters with a few unique quirks.

Again, nothing special. To the point.

Short chapters make for quick scenes and fast action. Author Ken Mercer doesn’t delve too much into details. It’s just a fast read with no big surprises. This is his second book with Magowan but don’t feel the need to read the previous book first. Still this story is enjoyable.

My ranking:

Green Belt

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